Sabado, Hulyo 30, 2011


Samsung GALAXY S II is a new release technology of smartphones. This has 4.3 super amoled diplay that you can able to see in details in vibrant color. It has a 8 mega Pixels camera and together with LED flash in which helps and enable you to view the picture in full details. It has also full HD record and playback functionalities that enables you to record videos in high resolutions and in dual core speed.

This new unit of Samsung smartphones also has its own dual core application processor which enables and perform in high-speed multitasking performance, quick page loading, high performance gaming and lightn ing fast image editing. Because of the innovation of technology thsi new Samsung has a capability and functionality and has adopted the Cisco’s AnyConnect to provide reliable  and easy to deploy network connectivity. It also has a functionality of point-to-point Wi-Fi communications connect with device to devie wireless transfer speed.


Huwebes, Hulyo 28, 2011

Technologies fast evolving

This age can be called as age of new technologies. Due to the fact that technologies now are evolving very fast. Also the industries, companies and even individual are using any kinds of technology that created by human such as cellphone, cameras, computers and even machine that can help us to make our daily activities in life be more easier and more faster. Example is computer, I can say that computer now is not a want but a need to us because by using computer in our daily works and besides we can save money and time by using this technology.

Technologies such as computer, camera, cellphones and etc., are a big contribution to the society in the form of help. It helps us to lessen the burden of our daily activity, for student then can search their assignment on the internet and mostly we can use this technologies to communicate to other person a good example of this is the cellular phones and computers.

the fast evolve of computers are the proof that technologies are evolving really fast that humans could not imagine. Compare to previous years computers only have single processors on it but look at now their are now available in the market which is dual core even i core 5 already available in the market. Probably, every first quarter of second quarter of the year their are new release of technologies. That the proof that technologies are really evolving that fast.

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